Chinese Garden


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Chinese Garden - から Riverside, Singapore
Chinese Garden - から Riverside, Singapore
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Chinese Garden
📍 から Riverside, Singapore
The Chinese Garden in Singapore is an amazing place to visit. The Garden was built in 1975, and it has both traditional Chinese style decorations and landscaping that is unique and breathtaking. It's full of classical Chinese architecture, bridges, ponds and pagodas, as well as beautifully landscaped gardens and trees. The surrounding landscape of hills and trees adds to the spectacular Chinese culture experience. You can discover a variety of flora, fauna and birds here. Don't forget to visit the Rock Chamber and Bonsai Garden, which are two of the most stunning attractions here. There's also a lake with two islands connected by a bridge, which is great for boat rides or sightseeing. Other highlights include an exquisite tea house and the beautiful Five Phoenixes courtyard. There is a range of activities available to visitors, such as performances, puppet and dragon shows, and boat rides, so be sure to bring your family and friends to this incredible destination.

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