Chateau Neercanne


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Chateau Neercanne - Netherlands
Chateau Neercanne - Netherlands
Chateau Neercanne
📍 Netherlands
Chateau Neercanne is a 16th century castle in Maastricht, Netherlands. It is a beautiful example of Late-Renaissance architecture and home to the Amman family. It offers a restaurant, a terrace, private functions and outdoor or indoor events. The castle and its three-acre garden are open to the public and host many events, such as the Dutch Song Festival, amateur theater and concerts. The castle is also a popular touristic destination for its historical presence and gorgeous views of the River Meuse. The castle grounds also host an art school, a pop-up restaurant, live concerts and pottery shows. At present, Chateau Neercanne continues to be successfully run and cared for by the Amman family.

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