Château de Spesbourg


Château de Spesbourg - France
Château de Spesbourg - France
Château de Spesbourg
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Château de Spesbourg is a castle in Andlau, France, dating back to the 13th century. Constructed in the form of a fortified castle, the structure is made of sandstone and has been inhabited until the 20th century. The castle offers spectacular views of Alsace. The castle showcases many remarkable works of art: two 17th century crucifixion and a 17th century group of saints by Antoine Roesch. There are also four towers, historic furniture, and a well. The grounds are also picturesque and the chapel has preserved murals from the 15th century. Be sure to explore the courtyards and gardens, with their different varieties of plants and flowers. The castle also contains a nice coffee shop with great views of the landscape. Don't forget to visit the surrounding villages and enjoy the local wines.

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