Chateau de Miglos


Chateau de Miglos - から Outside, France
Chateau de Miglos - から Outside, France
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Chateau de Miglos
📍 から Outside, France
The Chateau de Miglos is a castle in the charming village of Miglos in the Aveyron department of France. It was built in the late 15th century, and it is one of the most striking buildings in the area. It is perched high on a rocky outcrop at the top of a hill leading down to the Truyère River. During your visit, you can walk around the outside of the castle and get a good view of its impressive architecture. Its round towers and curved roof are made of white-washed stone against a backdrop of terracotta buildings and lush green foliage. There is also a small historical centre nearby where you can learn more about the castle's history.

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