Catedral de Segovia


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Catedral de Segovia - から Plaza Mayor, Spain
Catedral de Segovia - から Plaza Mayor, Spain
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Catedral de Segovia
📍 から Plaza Mayor, Spain
The Catedral de Segovia, in Spain's Segovia province is a stunning example of Gothic architecture and is a highlight of the city's 12th century old quarter. It was built on the site of a mosque, which the Christians had demolished to make way for the new building. The ceilings in the cathedral are some of the highest of any cathedral in Europe and its enormous spires echo the stone-arched aqueducts which traverse the city. Inside, visitors can marvel at almost 1,000 sqm of stained-glass windows and exquisite Gothic rib-vaulting, and enjoy views from the North Tower. Other features include a replica of Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia Basilica, a sacristy with a gilded altarpiece in the Neo-Gothic style, and the main altar in the Gothic Revival style.

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