Case a graticcio


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Case a graticcio - から Rue Zola, France
Case a graticcio - から Rue Zola, France
Case a graticcio
📍 から Rue Zola, France
Case a Graticcio, located in the charming town of Troyes, France, is a half-timbered manor house dating back to the 15th century. Its architecture, which includes a unique combination of brick and timber construction, makes it a unique sight. The manor house is one of the few remnants of Troyes’ medieval period and gives visitors a great glimpse of the area’s past. Its current state reflects its rebirth since its first restoration in the mid 19th century. Visitors can admire the building in all its splendour, its rooftop terrace, and its intricate façade. The manor house also houses a museum which showcases artifacts from Troyes’ history and culture. A highlight of the museum is the collection of religious artifacts from the medieval period. With its beautiful architecture, artistic detailing, and historical significance, Case a Graticcio is a must-visit for any tourist or history enthusiast.

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