Carrer dels Forcats


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Carrer dels Forcats - Spain
Carrer dels Forcats - Spain
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Carrer dels Forcats
📍 Spain
Carrer dels Forcats in Palafrugell, Spain is one of the most stunning narrow streets in the country. This old narrow cobblestone street is lined with traditional houses that have been refurbished with a unique blend of colorful additions, creating a unique and vibrant atmosphere. The street is also home to numerous boutiques and art galleries, as well as one of the local churches - Església de Sant Martí. If you’re looking for an enjoyable stroll through an old Spanish town, Carrer dels Forcats is the perfect destination. Along the way you’ll get to explore the town’s culture, art, and history, making it one of the best spots to visit in Palafrugell.

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