Carlsbad Cavern


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Carlsbad Cavern - United States
Carlsbad Cavern - United States
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Carlsbad Cavern
📍 United States
Carlsbad Caverns, located in Carlsbad, New Mexico, has been a tourist destination since the 1920s. This famous cave system features over 119 known caves spread over 223 square miles. The most famous is Carlsbad Cavern, which is known for its vast chambers, intricate limestone formations and an intricate network of passages. It is home to the largest bat population in the US, making it an amazing spot for photographers. Inside the cave, one can see amazing sights such as soda straws, helictites, flowstones and draperies – just some of the spectacular natural wonders waiting to be discovered. Visitors can explore the cave on their own or take one of the many special tours available. A visit to these stunning caves is a must for any adventurer.

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