Cape Falcon Lookout


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Cape Falcon Lookout - United States
Cape Falcon Lookout - United States
@jaasum - Unsplash
Cape Falcon Lookout
📍 United States
Cape Falcon Lookout is an easily accessible lookout point near Manzanita, Oregon, United States. Here, one can experience majestic views of the vast Pacific Ocean and its beaches as well as from the other side of the cape. The particularly popular sites at Cape Falcon Lookout are the rocky bluffs, open meadows, and old-growth forests that line the way to the lookout. The diversity of plants and wildlife here make this a favorite spot for nature-lovers, hikers, and joggers alike. From the lookout, one can experience the forested hills, distant bays, rugged coastline, and the sea-filled horizon. Enjoy the picturesque panorama of the unexpected beauty of the Oregon coast.

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