Cañon del Atuel


Cañon del Atuel - Argentina
Cañon del Atuel - Argentina
Cañon del Atuel
📍 Argentina
Cañon del Atuel is a beautiful natural wonder in San Rafael, Argentina. It is a deep and wide canyon formed by the Atuel River, with limestone plateaus, rock formations and waterfalls. The canyon is especially interesting for its diverse wildlife such as endemic lizards, foxes, deer, puma and birds. You can see different species of cactus and yareta plants, and explore its cave systems. There are many enjoyable activities for outdoor adventurers, including hiking, biking, rafting, kayaking and fishing. The nearby resort also offers swimming pools, rock climbing walls, zip-lining and hot air balloon rides. Don't miss out on visiting the town of San Rafael itself, with its nearby vineyards, churches, museums and castles. Enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience in this beautiful part of the world!

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