Cannon Beach


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Cannon Beach - から Entrance, United States
Cannon Beach - から Entrance, United States
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Cannon Beach
📍 から Entrance, United States
Cannon Beach, located in Cannon Beach, Oregon United States, is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. With a long stretch of sandy beaches, tall rocky formations, and crystal blue waters, it is the perfect destination for beach lovers and photographers alike. You can explore nearby Haystack Rock, a 235-foot sea stack that houses a local seabird sanctuary, allowing visitors to catch a glimpse of sea lions, puffins, and other wildlife in their natural habitat. Take a stroll along the beach and marvel at the views this area has to offer, or for more daring adventurers, hike up the nearby Ecola State Park to get a birds-eye perspective of this gorgeous location! There are plenty of hotels, restaurants, and shops that are all within walking distance of the beach. Cannon Beach is a truly extraordinary place to visit.

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