Camps Bay


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Camps Bay - から Beach, South Africa
Camps Bay - から Beach, South Africa
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Camps Bay
📍 から Beach, South Africa
Camps Bay is a beautiful beachfront town in the suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa. Located between the sprawling jagged cliffs of Table Mountain and the azure blue Atlantic Ocean, Camps Bay provides a spectacular and accessible beach holiday for locals and tourists alike. The long sweeping white sandy beach is a popular place to swim, sunbathe, surf, paddle and play a variety of beach sports. Cafes and restaurants, stylish bars and shops line the main strip, while the palm trees and sea-view add a tropical feel of luxury. It’s the perfect destination for a leisurely lunch with friends, family or loved ones. The flat beach is perfect for strolling, and the nearby Lions Head commands dramatic views. It's also a great place to watch one of Cape Town's famous sunsets.

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