Cala Fredosa


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Cala Fredosa - から Cabo de Creus, Spain
Cala Fredosa - から Cabo de Creus, Spain
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Cala Fredosa
📍 から Cabo de Creus, Spain
Cala Fredosa is a stunning beach located in Formentera, in the beautiful Balearic Islands of Spain. Measuring roughly 200 meters long, the beach is white and fine with crystal clear calm water. It has a distinctively Mediterranean atmosphere, with raspberry and almond bushes in the foreground and a lovely combination of jagged rocky islands, some of which can be reached by taking a small boat. The main reason for the charm of this beach is its wealth of activities; ranging from swimming, kayaking, sailing, fishing, and diving, to windsurfing and stand-up paddleboarding. With its crystal clear waters and relaxing ambience, Cala Fredosa is a great spot for relaxing and enjoying a picnic or a romantic walk. Visiting this spot during lower season is the best time to truly enjoy its tranquil beauty and come to really appreciate the power of nature in this unique corner of Spain.

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