Cádiz - から Villa Moncho, Spain
Cádiz - から Villa Moncho, Spain
📍 から Villa Moncho, Spain
Cádiz, an Atlantic port city in southwestern Spain, sits on a narrow sliver of land surrounded by the sea. The oldest continually inhabited city in Europe, it’s known for its sheltered beaches and seafront promenades. The walled Old Town contains narrow cobblestone streets and a square, the Plaza de Mina, marked by a monument to explorer Christopher Columbus. La Caleta Beach’s promenade has cafes and restaurants. A short ferry ride away, the village of El Puerto de Santa María overlooks a bay dotted with islands.

Villa Moncho in San Fernando, Spain, is a two-storey white-walled house that overlooks the ocean from the edge of the town. It’s the perfect spot for escaping the hustle and bustle of a city center or beach area, or for a peaceful getaway for couples or families. The villa offers a large terrace with views of the ocean, outdoor dining and seating area, an outdoor pool with a whirlpool, and a large outdoor kitchen. Inside the house, there’s a large living room, a kitchen, and two bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms.

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