Busatte - Tempesta


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Busatte - Tempesta - から Viewpoint, Italy
Busatte - Tempesta - から Viewpoint, Italy
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Busatte - Tempesta
📍 から Viewpoint, Italy
Busatte - Tempesta, in Nago-Torbole, Italy is one of the most spectacular and remarkable places in the country. With its unique rock formations, blue-green waters, sandy beaches and lovely surrounding forests, it's the perfect spot for an uncontaminated adventure in the North-Eastern part of Italy. The view is breathtaking, especially when you take a boat to reach the inside of the Brione while reaching the rocky peaks of the mountain. In Busatte-Tempesta you can admire the rocks that emerge from the lake and there is an enchanting boathouse, keeping many secrets and beautiful memories. If you love windsurfing and sailing, this is the perfect spot for you! You can also have a romantic stroll around the lake, discovering lovely characteristics from this region, like many local fishermen and the beautiful views of the lake.

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