Burgruine Hohenburg


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Burgruine Hohenburg - Germany
Burgruine Hohenburg - Germany
Burgruine Hohenburg
📍 Germany
Burgruine Hohenburg is located within a forest in Homburg, Germany. It is a ruined castle built in the 12th century that belonged to the Lords of Hohenburg. The castle was destroyed in 1689 during the Palatinate wars and has been in ruins ever since. It is the largest ruin in Palatinate, with a moat, circular tower, four wings in a square, and a long hall. Despite its dilapidated state, it still impresses visitors with its imposing size and setting on a hill in the woods. A 25-minute walk from Homburg, or a short drive, will take you to this historic site. There you will find a few informational boards, a small café, and a nice panoramic view. The ruin is also a famous spot for hiking, biking, and picnics. Come check it out and experience a part of Germany’s past!

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