Bronte Beach


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Bronte Beach - から Bronte Marine Dr, Australia
Bronte Beach - から Bronte Marine Dr, Australia
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Bronte Beach
📍 から Bronte Marine Dr, Australia
Bronte Beach is a haven located in Bronte, Australia, a venerable stretch of land on the eastern edge of Sydney. From the grassy cliffs of Bronte Park, overlooking the sweeping ocean views, to the iconic Bronte Baths, an Olympic-sized natural pool full of crystal clear, temperate waters - there’s plenty for all year round. With lifeguards on duty, enjoy a swim all days of the week, or simply feel the sand in your toes. There is a fantastic café on the cliffs, serving delicious treats and offering refreshing drinks. Nearby amenities such as bathrooms and showers make for a great day out for families and young adventurers alike. Bronte Beach's enormous pohutukawa trees, a native species of New Zealand, create a striking and welcoming environment with their thick deep green foliage. For those looking to surf, Bronte Beach delivers consistent barrels and clean lines that are suitable for every level of competence.

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