Brixia Romana


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Brixia Romana - から Capitolium, Italy
Brixia Romana - から Capitolium, Italy
Brixia Romana
📍 から Capitolium, Italy
Brixia Romana and Capitolium are two historical sites located in the city of Brescia in northern Italy. Both sites are important archaeological sites that have yielded invaluable information about the Roman occupation of the region.

Brixia was an ancient Roman city, founded by the Cenomani Gauls in the 2nd century BCE. The ancient city was rebuilt by the Emperor Augustus in 13 BCE, when the side was made a Roman colony. Remains of the ancient city, including its walls, are visible today in a park just north of the Old Town. The Capitolium was the civic centre of Brixia and a temple dedicated to the Capitoline triad. It is also important because Brescia was one of the few cities outside of Rome to have its own Capitolium. In the 19th century, the two archaeological sites were rediscovered and excavations revealed much of what is seen today. Brixia Romana is now a public park, covering an area of almost seven hectares, with a mix of ruins, lawns, and gardens. The Capitolium is located just a few steps away in the centre of the old town. Both sites are open to the public, offering a unique opportunity to explore the remains of an ancient Roman city.

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