Bradbury Building


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Bradbury Building - から Inside, United States
Bradbury Building - から Inside, United States
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Bradbury Building
📍 から Inside, United States
The Bradbury Building is a historic landmark in Downtown Los Angeles. It is one of the oldest commercial buildings still standing in the city, constructed in 1893. It is renowned for its ornate architecture and old-world charm, making it a popular destination for tourists, photographers, and architecture buffs. The building's interior rises five floors, with balconies and walkways overlooking a central courtyard filled with lush palm trees and an air of grandeur. The interior is decorated with Italian imported glazed brick and terracotta, ornate ironwork, and beautiful marble staircases, so it's easy to appreciate why it's been featured in countless films and commercials. Bradbury Building is open to the public and can be found on the South Broadway Street. Make sure to visit it while you're in Los Angeles, to get a glimpse of an iconic part of the city's past.

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