Bow Fiddle Rock


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Bow Fiddle Rock - から Beach, United Kingdom
Bow Fiddle Rock - から Beach, United Kingdom
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Bow Fiddle Rock
📍 から Beach, United Kingdom
Bow Fiddle Rock, located in Scotland, United Kingdom, is a stunning natural formation that has become a popular place for tourists, photographers and art lovers. It is a natural rock arch, made of quartzite sandstones, located at Portknockie near Buckie. There are bore holes in the back of the rock that can be filled with sea water creating interesting reflections and a unique spectacle. The area also offers views of the Moray Firth, which is great for panoramic shots. From the top of the arch, the view is breathtaking and you can enjoy the rich purple and golden sunset that Bow Fiddle Rock offers in the evening. There is also a lighthouse on the nearby islands, a great addition to your photos. The best way to capture Bow Fiddle Rock is to walk around the cliff edge and find a good angle to the rock. Enjoy your experience!

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