Bodegas Valduero


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Bodegas Valduero - から Inside, Spain
Bodegas Valduero - から Inside, Spain
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Bodegas Valduero
📍 から Inside, Spain
Bodegas Valduero is a popular winery located in Burgos, Spain. This award-winning winery is known for its range of fine wines and for its location, wedged between two lakes in the province of Burgos. The facilities of the winery and the cellar house architecture offer an interesting sight from outside. Visitors also get to enjoy a tasting of their wines as well as a guided tour of their production and aging process. Bodegas Valduero also offers a restaurant and café bar where visitors can enjoy typical Spanish dishes. This winery is a great option to visit while in Burgos, both for wine lovers and anyone looking to learn a bit more about winemaking.

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