Birnbeck pier


Birnbeck pier - United Kingdom
Birnbeck pier - United Kingdom
Birnbeck pier
📍 United Kingdom
Birnbeck Pier, located in North Somerset, United Kingdom, is a beautiful historic pier. Built in 1867, it is the only pier in the world that is linked to an island, and the only surviving sea-locked pier in the UK. An iconic structure, steeped in history, Birnbeck Pier offers a great day out for all visitors. Nowadays the pier is a Grade II listed building and a site of special scientific interest thanks to its diverse marine wildlife. You can take a leisurely stroll along its broken walkway and take in the stunning views of the Bristol Channel and surrounding cliffs. On the island is the eerie ruin of the former Royal Pier Hotel, which burned down in the 1970s, a reminder of the past. Looking for some special memories? Take a boat ride from the small but functional Queen's Jetty Café and explore the area. There's plenty to keep families, nature lovers, and photographers entertained!

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