Beverley Brook


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Beverley Brook - から River, United Kingdom
Beverley Brook - から River, United Kingdom
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Beverley Brook
📍 から River, United Kingdom
Beverley Brook is a small river in South West London, England. It is one of the few remaining non-tidal Thames tributaries within London. The river flows for about 10 kilometers from its source near Richmond Park, through Wimbledon Common and past the park of the same name, to its outlet into the River Thames near Putney Bridge. The waters of the stream are a haven for a wide variety of birdlife, with around 100 species having been reported. The river is also home to a large population of aquatic invertebrates, including freshwater shrimps, mayflies, stoneflies and caddisflies. It provides habitat for water voles, and is occasionally visited by otters. This scenic part of London offers travelers plenty of nature with fabulous walks across grassy meadows and a great network of paths and bridges along the river's course. It's the perfect place for a relaxing picnic, taking in the idyllic views and surrounding greenery.

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