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Bethlehem - から Cemetery, United States
Bethlehem - から Cemetery, United States
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📍 から Cemetery, United States
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is a town located in the Lehigh Valley of Eastern Pennsylvania. The town is well-known for its historic downtown. Visitors may explore Bethlehem’s many antique shops, restaurants and galleries, while visitors can also enjoy plenty of outdoor activities like races, festivals and parades held throughout the year. The Canal Street section of Bethlehem is a great place to stroll along and explore at night, when the town comes alive with its unique Bridge of Lights. The neighborhood of South Bethlehem is bustling with students. The old factories provide the student body with art spaces, music venues and unique places to dine. Bethlehem's surrounding parks, including Saucon Valley Park, are the perfect places to enjoy the amazing Lehigh Valley scenery. Finally, Bethlehem is also home to the world-renowned Steel Stacks entertainment complex, which was built against the backdrop of old steel blast furnaces.

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