Berzelii Park


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Berzelii Park - Sweden
Berzelii Park - Sweden
Berzelii Park
📍 Sweden
Berzelii Park is an oasis of serenity located at Norrmalm in central Stockholm, Sweden. It is one of the most scenic and beautiful parks in the city and boasts lush gardens, sculptures and a variety of other interesting attractions. The park was established in the 19th century and is named after Johan Berzelius - a leading Swedish chemist. It features a variety of trees, such as pine, birch, hazel and linden, as well as a playground, benches and a fountain with a bronze sculpture of an angel on it. Nature lovers can find a vast array of wildflowers, birds and other wildlife in the park. It is also a popular spot for picnics, yoga classes and meetings. The park is surrounded by a lively street with shops and restaurants. Visitors can also enjoy the beautiful views of the city from the park.

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