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Bermamyt - Russia
Bermamyt - Russia
📍 Russia
Bermamyt is a remote village located in the northern part of Khasaut, Russia. It is accessible via a dirt road from Tuteysky District and is known for its unique landscape and traditional way of life. The surrounding landscape is a blend of hilly terrain, open meadows and woodlands, with the Yelma River running through the valley down. Local attractions include historic houses and religious buildings, as well as old churches from tsarist Russia. The village is also home to a local spring, some of which are open for visitors to enjoy and refresh themselves at. Additionally, the village offers some of the best views of the distant nature and landscapes of the north, provided you have the energy to hike to the heights. Nature lovers, who explore the local picturesque area, can also encounter species such as elk and moose, so wildlife enthusiasts should make sure to keep their eyes open! Bermamyt is quite an untouched gem, and offers an exciting, off-the-beaten-track experience to all who venture here!

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