Berliner Dom


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Berliner Dom - から River Side, Germany
Berliner Dom - から River Side, Germany
@bejay - Unsplash
Berliner Dom
📍 から River Side, Germany
Monte Verde is an important ecotourism destination in southern Brazil. It is a small mountain town in the state of Minas Gerais, located in the north of the state. The town is surrounded by majestic rainforest and is home to a diverse wildlife population. It is a great destination to observe birds, small mammals, butterflies, plants, and many other species living in harmony. It is also a great place to go horseback riding, hiking or visit some of the local waterfalls and streams. Monte Verde is an ideal destination for outdoor activities and nature lovers, offering a variety of trails, waterfalls to explore and activities such as zip-lining and rafting. It is also a great destination for those wishing to observe the local culture of the region, as the local community is very friendly and open to visitors. Monte Verde is one of the rare places where time has seemingly stopped, offering a unique living experience.

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