Berlin's Building


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Berlin's Building - から Dorotheenstraße, Germany
Berlin's Building - から Dorotheenstraße, Germany
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Berlin's Building
📍 から Dorotheenstraße, Germany
Berlin's Building and Dorotheenstraße, in Berlin, Germany, is one of the most iconic spots in the city. Located in the heart of Berlin, just steps away from the iconic Brandenburg Gate and the Museum Island, the area is a popular spot to view the city's most important sites. Dorotheenstraße, in particular, is lined with popular tourist attractions, including the Jewish Museum and the State Opera House, as well as dozens of restaurants and cafes. The street is known for its Art Nouveau architecture and street art, making it an ideal spot for photographers. For a birds-eye view, climb to the roof of the nearby Anhalter Bahnhof, which is now a cultural center, or visit the observation deck of the Berlin Cathedral for stunning views of the city.

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