Belfort - から Grote Markt, Belgium
Belfort - から Grote Markt, Belgium
📍 から Grote Markt, Belgium
Belfort and Grote Markt are two of the most popular tourist spots in the historic city of Brugge, Belgium. Belfort Tower is a stunning 14th century stone structure which towers over the city and offers incredible panoramic views. The Grote Markt is the vibrant city square, lined with picturesque facades and cobblestone streets. The medieval architecture present in these locations is simply spectacular, and being at the heart of the city, it is a great place to start your exploration of Brugge. Take a walk around the square, visit the nearby bars and cafes, admire the intricate old buildings, and get charmed by their tranquillity. If you’re into shopping, this is the place; Grote Markt has no shortage of artisanal goods and a variety of stores providing you with plenty of goods to bring home with you!

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