Basilica di San Pietro


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Basilica di San Pietro - から Obelisco, Italy
Basilica di San Pietro - から Obelisco, Italy
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Basilica di San Pietro
📍 から Obelisco, Italy
The Basilica di San Pietro in Vatican City, Italy, is the world's most renowned Catholic Church and a major landmark of Rome. Pope John Paul II dedicated it in the year 1626. Built by the Italian architect Gian Lorenzo Bernini, it is one of the most impressive examples of Italian Baroque architecture. Inside, visitors can admire the beautiful artwork and frescoes, as well as the soaring dome painted by Michelangelo. The massive nave of the basilica is guarded by Swiss guards and contains the tombs of many popes. Visitors can also visit the Museo Sacro and the Vatican Grottoes, where the tombs of past popes are located. The square in front of this majestic basilica holds several events such as the Audience of the Pope every Wednesday and is decorated with ornate fountains and sculptures. Visiting this basilica is sure to be a memorable experience for history and art lovers alike.

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