Bardenas Reales


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Bardenas Reales - Spain
Bardenas Reales - Spain
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Bardenas Reales
📍 Spain
The Bardenas Reales, in Arguedas, Spain, is an extensive desert area in the south of Navarra province. It covers more than 43,000 hectares of semi-desert terrain featuring spectacular canyons, striking rock formations, and vast plains dotted with juniper trees. The unique and diverse landscape here has been shaped both by wind and water erosion over the centuries. One of the most famous sites here is the Desfiladero de Yesa, a desert canyon with a winding passage of deep gorges and high walls. You can explore the area on foot or by bike, or take to the skies and get a truly spectacular view of the landscape from a hot air balloon. In the summer, the Bardenas is an ideal destination for camping and stargazing. You can wander off the beaten track in search of fossils, or take in the beauty of the wildlife that lives in the area.

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