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Barcelona - から Camí de Can Borni, Spain
Barcelona - から Camí de Can Borni, Spain
📍 から Camí de Can Borni, Spain
Barcelona is a vibrant city in Spain that is full of culture and beauty. From the bustling streets of La Rambla to the majestic Gothic Quarter, Barcelona offers something for everyone to enjoy. The most iconic image of Barcelona is the impressive Sagrada Familia, the unfinished masterpiece of architect Antoni Gaudí that has become synonymous with the city.

Camí de Can Borni is a picturesque path in Barcelona. It rambles up the Santiago de Collserola mountain range, crossing the Vallvidrera and Tibidabo hills, all while offering stunning views of Barcelona and the sea. The easiest way to get to the path is to take the FGC train from Catalunya station to Vallvidrera. The path is between 6 and 8 kilometers (3.7 to 5 miles) long, and it passes through forests, meadows and fields full of wildflowers. Along the way, you can find hidden ponds, streams, and old ruins. Visitors should note that the path is usually not well-lit after sundown and some areas may be hard to traverse for those who are not adequately prepared. That being said, this spot is definitely worth the effort and a great way to experience a bit of the region’s beauty.

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