Bahia Lapataia


Bahia Lapataia - Argentina
Bahia Lapataia - Argentina
Bahia Lapataia
📍 Argentina
Bahia Lapataia is a remote bay located in the southwestern area of Argentina at the end of the Panamerican Highway. It is surrounded by pristine coastal marshland and situated at the point where the National Route 3 intersects with National Route 255. This beautiful spot marks the southernmost boundary of the Tierra del Fuego National Park, as well as being the end of the famed Panamerican Highway. It is the ideal spot to relax and watch stunning coastal views, amazing sea life, and striking sunsets, as well as admiring nature here in its most primitive form, where vegetation has the chance to take over in some of its purest manifestations. There are various activities here, including fishing and boating, as well as camping and beach activities, such as kite surfing. Enjoy the sight of black-necked swans and geese as they migrate from one side of the bay to the other.

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