Bagna - から Adershpach, Czechia
Bagna - から Adershpach, Czechia
📍 から Adershpach, Czechia
Kilimanjaro, Tanzania is the highest mountain in all of Africa, standing at 19,341 feet (5,895 meters) high. It's not only Africa's highest peak, but also the world's highest freestanding mountain, making it a majestic sight to behold. It's estimated that over 20,000 people visit the mountain each year, making it a popular tourist attraction.

Kilimanjaro is located just north of Tanzanian border with Kenya, and is divided between the two countries. The mountain offers breathtaking views of tropical rainforest, surrounding plains, and glaciers in the summit area. Kilimanjaro National Park was established to protect the mountain and its exceptional ecosystems, and was declared a World Heritage site in 1987. Kilimanjaro is a great feat of hiking, with a variety of routes to choose from, ranging from easy to difficult in difficulty. Trekkers will surely appreciate the unique and diverse natural environment that it has to offer.

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