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Ayna - から Mirador del Diablo, Spain
Ayna - から Mirador del Diablo, Spain
📍 から Mirador del Diablo, Spain
Ayna is a small village in the province of Jaen, in the autonomous community of Andalusia in Spain. The main landmark in the village is the Mirador del Diablo (Devil's Viewpoint), a beautiful lookout point with a spectacular panoramic view of the surrounding area. It is accessible by a 1-.5km long walk or by a series of steep stairs. The view from the Mirador is absolutely stunning and provides a fantastic view of the rolling hills, verdant forests and the distant mountains. Ayna is also known for its ancient churches and convents and its ancient Roman fort in the Sierras de Ayna mountains. The village is also home to many species of birds and butterflies, as well as wildflowers and other native plants. Its stunning views and unique landscapes make Ayna a great destination for photographers of all levels.

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