Autorretrato na ponte


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Autorretrato na ponte - Brazil
Autorretrato na ponte - Brazil
Autorretrato na ponte
📍 Brazil
Autorretrato na Ponte is a public art installation located in the Vila Nova Conceição neighborhood of São Paulo, Brazil. It was created in response to the “Viaduto Santa Martha”, a motorway viaduct built in the area in 1995. The artwork, conceived by visual artist and graphic designer Eduardo Covatti, consists of an enormous wall made up of thousands of metallic panels. The metallic wall reflects the light of the sun and covers the entire length of the motorway, stretching up to an impressive 20 meters in height. Viewers can take in the entirety of the artwork from the pedestrian bridge, designed by acclaimed Brazilian architect do Paulo Mendes da Rocha. By day, visitors can admire the artwork’s reflective surfaces and the changing light that different times of the day create and at sunset, the wall takes on a distinct pink color, creating a stunning backdrop for photographs.

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