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Athens - から Lycabettus Hill, Greece
Athens - から Lycabettus Hill, Greece
📍 から Lycabettus Hill, Greece
Athens, the capital of Greece and one of the oldest cities in the world, is rich with ancient monuments, picturesque neighborhoods and small family-run shops. The impressive Acropolis with its marble temples is the most popular and visited landmark, standing proudly above the city offering spectacular views all around.

The Lycabettus Hill is the most popular of Athens’ seven hills, offering spectacular views of the city, especially during sunset and nighttime when the city lights illuminate the landscape. Hiking up the hill is the best way to take in the views from the top and the small chapel of Agios Giorgios located a bit higher is the perfect place for a relaxing break. There are plenty of restaurants in the foothills and an open air cinema for the evenings.

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