ArtScience Museum


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ArtScience Museum - から Helix Bridge, Singapore
ArtScience Museum - から Helix Bridge, Singapore
ArtScience Museum
📍 から Helix Bridge, Singapore
The ArtScience Museum, located at the Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore, is an iconic structure and an iconic piece of modern architecture. It’s part of the integrated resort along with a hotel, casino and shopping centre. This unique "world's first" museum features 10 uniquely themed galleries, permanent displays, interactive activities, and special exhibitions. Designed as a lotus flower, the museum takes its inspiration from the artistic aspirations of Singapore and is also considered an architectural symbol that marks the city's commitment to providing educational entertainment experiences. The impressive hall of the museum serves as a venue to present works by renowned international artists and thinkers, as well as promoting interdisciplinary dialogue in the public realm. Inside, visitors can explore hundreds of fascinating artifacts, paintings, photographs, and multimedia installations. If you’re looking for a unique and inspiring way to experience the richness of Singapore's culture, ArtScience Museum is the perfect destination.

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