Arco di Tito


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Arco di Tito - から Below, Italy
Arco di Tito - から Below, Italy
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Arco di Tito
📍 から Below, Italy
The Arco di Tito is an impressive triumphal arch located in Rome, Italy. Constructed by Emperor Domitian in 81 CE, it stands nearly 20 meters tall and is adorned with Corinthian columns. It stands as a memorial to Domitian's brother Titus and his success in putting an end to the Jewish War in 70 CE. Its artfully carved details highlight scenes from the battle, with Winged Victories, sea creatures, and more. From the forum side of the structure, visitors can also catch a glimpse of some beautiful sights, such as the Colosseum and the Forum Romanum. The arch is a great way to experience ancient Roman grandeur, and it still stands today for visitors to explore.

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