Araña de Bilbao


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Araña de Bilbao - Spain
Araña de Bilbao - Spain
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Araña de Bilbao
📍 Spain
Araña de Bilbao is a 26-meter-high sculpture located in Portugalete, Bilbao, Spain. It is a work of the artist Cristina Iglesias made of steel. The sculpture takes its name from its resemblance to a spider and depicts a bridge between the past and the present. It is a symbol of the industrial heritage of Bilbao and is a great place to visit for a quick break if you are visiting Bilbao. Take the time to admire the sculpture from different angles and take a few memorable photos of your visit. You can also find the gatekeeper of the bridge that leads to the sculpture scuttling up and down its lifts. Make sure to visit the area nearby to appreciate the architecture, experience the culture and browse the local shops.

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