Aquatower Berdorf


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Aquatower Berdorf - Luxembourg
Aquatower Berdorf - Luxembourg
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Aquatower Berdorf
📍 Luxembourg
Aquatower Berdorf is a mesmerizing 85 meter tall water tower located in the small municipality of Berdorf, Luxembourg. The tower, built in 1966, was intended to supply the nearby city of Trier with drinking water. With its dominant and mystical presence, Aquatower Berdorf has become a beloved landmark in the region and offers some of the most stunning views of the countryside. Today the water tower is open to the public and visitors can climb the 145 stairs to the top and enjoy a spectacular panorama of the idyllic landscape. The 3 meter steel-cross at the top of the tower adds to the mystical atmosphere that dwells in the region. In addition to the tower, visitors can explore the 19th century Gallerius-Mill, an old mill that was been recently restored.

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