Anna Ruby Falls


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Anna Ruby Falls - United States
Anna Ruby Falls - United States
Anna Ruby Falls
📍 United States
Anna Ruby Falls is a stunning set of twin waterfalls in the Appalachian Mountains of northern Georgia. The falls are located in the middle of the Chattahoochee National Forest, about 5 miles from Helen, Georgia. The falls have a combined drop of 153ft and are created by Curtis and York Creeks. Named after Anna Ruby Nichols and her half-brother Fay Thomas, both born to the same mother. Curtis Creek Falls drops 153ft and York Creek Falls drops 50ft over a rocky ledge. It's possible to get up close to the falls and there are a couple of viewpoints along the 0.4 mile paved interpretive trail. A $3 fee must be paid in order to get a parking pass at the visitor's center. Visitors can hike the interpretive trails, take in the stunning views, enjoy a picnic, and go wildlife watching! It's a great place to appreciate the beauty and power of nature!

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