Anella Olímpica


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Anella Olímpica - Spain
Anella Olímpica - Spain
Anella Olímpica
📍 Spain
Anella Olímpica is an urban, cultural and sports complex in the city of Barcelona, Spain. Located in the heart of the Collserola mountain range and near the beach, it offers breathtaking views of the city skyline and harbor. Here, visitors and photographers can explore its 6km long, lushly-landscaped promenade full of parks and plazas, discover the architectural legacy of the 1992 Summer Olympics, and climb Montjuïc for sweeping views of the region. It also boasts a range of museums, including MNAC, The Olympic and Sports Museum, and The Pavilion of Contentment. The Anella Olímpica is a vibrant area with plenty of cafés and restaurants, as well as an event venue where visitors can take part in concerts, exhibitions and festivals. Whether you're looking to explore the area's rich culture and history, or enjoy outdoor activities such as biking and hiking, there is something for everyone in Anella Olímpica.

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