Andrej Sacharov Bridge


Andrej Sacharov Bridge - Netherlands
Andrej Sacharov Bridge - Netherlands
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Andrej Sacharov Bridge
📍 Netherlands
Andrej Sacharov Bridge is a spectacular cable-stayed bridge located in Arnhem, Netherlands. The bridge was designed by Dutch architect Ben van Berkel and was completed in 2006. It extends a total of 400 m across the Nederrijn river and is the longest cable-stayed bridge in the Netherlands. The bridge has two 228 m main spans and four 27.4 m side-spans, and the central towers are 101 m tall. The Andrej Sacharov Bridge is a stunning piece of architecture and provides exceptional views to visitors. People can enjoy a relaxing walk across the bridge, or take a boat ride in the river beneath it. It is a beautiful place to watch the sun rise or set and it lit up at night. Exploring the bridge and its surroundings are a great way to spend a day.

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