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Alicante - から Serra Grossa, Spain
Alicante - から Serra Grossa, Spain
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📍 から Serra Grossa, Spain
Alicante is a vibrant and exciting city located on the Costa Blanca in the south of Spain. The city has a strong cultural identity and the local people take pride in their heritage. The stunning beaches of the coastline contrast with the old winding narrow streets of the old city.

Alicante offers an abundance of activities such as visiting old churches, castles, and historic sites like the Santa Barbara Castle and the Santa Lucia military fort. During the day, visitors can explore beautiful gardens, museums, and a hilltop castle offering stunning views of the city. Enjoy local cuisine, a vibrant night life and people watch while exploring the many historical neighborhoods. Take a stroll along the promenade or take a boat to visit nearby attractions like Tabarca Island. Most of all, enjoy the warmth of the Mediterranean sunshine and coastal views.

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