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Albarracin - から Murallas de Albarracin, Spain
Albarracin - から Murallas de Albarracin, Spain
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📍 から Murallas de Albarracin, Spain
Albarracin and its walls are located in the province of Teruel, in Aragon, Spain. It is a medieval village with cobblestone streets and old stone houses nestled in a rocky valley and dominated by its impressive castle. The walls of the town date back to the 12th century, and they can be observed both from the modern town and from nearby lookout points. It's a hidden gem in a region of Spain that is often overlooked by tourists. Inside the village, you can explore its many churches and chapels, be amazed by its painted alcove basement corridors, and have a unique experience of being among a living history that will transport you in time. Within scenic hiking trails and lookouts that are part of the natural park, you'll never run out of reasons to explore and be amazed.

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