Al Mamsha Street's Stairs


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Al Mamsha Street's Stairs - United Arab Emirates
Al Mamsha Street's Stairs - United Arab Emirates
@annalauramontalti1 - Unsplash
Al Mamsha Street's Stairs
📍 United Arab Emirates
Al Mamsha Street’s Stairs, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is an industrial staircase that is gaining popularity among photographers and the media. The staircase is located in Al Mamsha’s shopping district, and features a double-helix design that rises up to the 19th floor. The whole structure is made of glass, giving it a modern, futuristic look. It can be viewed from the inside and from the outside. From the outside, it presents as a picture of a huge building covered in glass and curves that seem to go on forever. It is a popular spot for taking selfies and shooting videos. It is also becoming a popular spot for aerial photography. The view from the staircase is absolutely breathtaking and will make anyone feel at a whole new level!

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