A'DAM Lookout


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A'DAM Lookout - から Below, Netherlands
A'DAM Lookout - から Below, Netherlands
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A'DAM Lookout
📍 から Below, Netherlands
A’DAM Lookout in Amsterdam is an experience like no other. Located in the iconic A’DAM Toren, visitors and photographers can take in the best views of the city and its landscapes. From indoors or outdoors, there are two 360° viewing platforms, an observation deck and terrace, with a cafe and bar to enjoy the breathtaking views. Those who are feeling adventurous can take part in the Over The Edge Swing, the highest swing in Europe. There’s even a panoramic sky deck offering multimedia information around the city. Situated between the Amsterdam Central Station and the IJ waterfront, the A’DAM Lookout’s central location allows for easy access.

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