Water Tower Ostkreuz

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Water Tower Ostkreuz - Germany
Water Tower Ostkreuz - Germany
@samuelzeller - Unsplash
Water Tower Ostkreuz
📍 Germany
The Water Tower Ostkreuz in Berlin is an iconic structure that stands out amidst the modern city's development. Built in the late 19th century, this impressive 68 meter tall water tower was designed to take advantage of gravity and gravitational force to distribute water throughout the city. In 2016 it was redesigned as a “Wanderhalle” (“travellers’ hall”) and is open to the public as a popular spot for taking in the city’s sights. The landmark is especially popular with photographers, and the upper viewing platform offers perfect panoramic views of the capital city of Germany. Visitors can also explore the site’s inner stairways, view exhibits on the development of Berlin and learn more about the Water Tower Ostkreuz’s history by visiting the nearby Water Tower Museum.

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