Trinity College

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Trinity College - Ireland
Trinity College - Ireland
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Trinity College
📍 Ireland
Trinity College in County Dublin is Ireland's oldest university and one of Dublin's most popular tourist attractions. The college is situated in the city's historic center and is surrounded by the cobblestone streets of famous Grafton Street and the world-renowned Book of Kells. Inside Trinity College, tourists can view its historic buildings and grounds, including Parliament Square, Campanile and the Chapel, Library buildings, and gardens. The College also contains three main museums, the Archaeology Museum, the Science Museum, and the Old Library Museum. Each of the museums holds displays and exhibits which tell the story of the history of one of the oldest universities in Europe. The Old Library museum holds the Book of Kells and other artifacts from the 7th century. The Trinity College campus is also home to a range of events and festivals both academics- and culture-based, such as the Liberties Festival, Trinity Ball, and the Trinity Arts Festival.

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